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10 Signs It's Time to Hire 

  1. Your two car garage hasn’t fit even one car in years.

  2. You spend an hour a day looking for things.

  3. You discovered peanut butter in your pantry that expired in 2007.

  4. Your home office consists of piles of paper on your dining room table.

  5. Your clothes closet is stuffed yet you seem to have nothing to wear.

  6. You still have baby clothes and toys stacked everywhere although your child has his/her own home.

  7. You’ve accumulated boxes of “stuff” from deceased relatives and you have no idea what is in them.

  8. You have trouble sleeping because your bedroom has become an extra closet.

  9. You have a guest room that is really a junk room.

  10. Your storage rental fees have added up to the cost of a nice vacation and you don’t even remember why you need whatever is stashed there.

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