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One Drawer
at a time

We take the stress off your plate and create a space that brings peace and tranquility, one drawer at a time.

Angela Dispensa
Stylist Organizer

How we got started

Since 2007, Drawer by Drawer
has been organizing personal
and professional spaces.    We are not just organizers, we are people who are passionate about transforming your clutter into spaces and places that create the perfect environments to relax, work, or entertain in.

Turning a Vision
into Reality

Being organized is not about getting rid of everything you have or to try to become a different person, it’s about living the way you want to live but better.

Angela Dispensa
Stylist Organizer, "Chaos Coordinator"

Giving Back

We are a compassionate Christian based company that believes in supporting our community and giving back through volunteering in the inner cities where resources are needed most.  Any household or clothing donations are given back to the homeless and less fortunate  people in Houston.

  We love our veterans.  If you are a veteran or active military, we would like to honor you with one hour of complimentary service.


When booking an appointment:

A credit card is required for all appointments to be scheduled on our calendar. We charge $65 to hold your spot. This will be credited to you on the day of service.


We require a 24 hour cancellation, or your credit card on file will be charged  for half the time booked.  This charge will be credited to you toward your next appointment.   If you do not reschedule or cancel within 24 hours the deposit of 65 will be non-refundable.

We offer a 15 minute complimentary phone consultation.


Our hourly rate is $65 per hour. We will provide you with an estimate of the expected time needed to complete your project.  

We do offer some bulk pricing.  PLEASE NOTE:  All bulk packages must be used within same calendar year as purchased.


  • 3 hours Quick Start $215.00

  • 6 hours with one organizer $390 (receive a 7th hour for free)

  • 12 hours with one organizer for $702 (78.00 off)


Here are a few FAQ and useful answers to help you on your way to an
organized home and life.

Am I expected to get rid of all my stuff?

Of course not! Getting organized does not mean throwing everything away. Getting organized means reorganizing your items to find a better solution and system that works best for you. When you decide it’s time to get organized and call in a professional, you are probably ready to let go of some of the items that you no longer want. You can choose to donate, sell, or recycle some of your unwanted items. We will help you with all of these decisions.

What do I need before you get here?

Nothing. When we get to your home we will sit down with you and comprehensively decide what steps we need to take. We understand that it can be difficult to let someone into your home, but please don’t clean up before we get there so we can get a true sense of your living space and are able to find a system designed especially for you.  

What is my space is too overwhelming for someone to organize?

Your home will never be too overwhelming to organize. When we walk into your home we can see through any clutter and already have ideas of what the end results could look like. There won’t be a situation that can’t be addressed, but if your specific situation is not in our area of expertise, then we may ask for assistance from another Professional Organizer in your area.

Why should I hire a professional organizer?

If it is a challenge for you to keep your house organized and it is affecting any aspect of your life, it may be time to ask for help from a professional organizer. Your home is where your heart is. It should be a place for relaxation at the end of the day. When someone wants improvement with any area in their life and doesn’t know where to begin, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for help. Remember, organizing is what we love to do. It is our goal to bring peace and happiness back into your home.

Will my time with the professional organizer be kept confidential?

Any of the work we do together will be kept in complete confidence. Starting from our initial phone call to our in-home consultation and any sessions that follow.

Should I be there during the organizing process?

It could potentially be very helpful if you are present during the organizing. Although, we understand that in today’s day and age that it can sometimes be hard to find that extra time. So, if it is not possible for you to be present, we can work off of our comprehensive notes in regards to your project.



  • We will arrive at your home on time and expect you to be there when we show up.   Please text us if you are running behind.

  • We do not smoke and would appreciate if you would refrain from smoking during our time together.

  • We enforce a full 24 hour cancellation policy, unless you have an unforeseen circumstance or illness. We will arrange our time accordingly to be there for you 100% and expect the same of you. Hours and packages purchased are valid that calendar year.  If you do not cancel before the 24 hours, you will be held responsible for paying 50% of the hours we agreed on.

  • We have a $30 dollar return check policy, plus any fees that Drawer By Drawer has incurred due to the returned check.

  • Payment is due at the end of each session, while packages are purchased in advance. Payment for packages is due in advance or at the end of the first organizing session associated with the package.

  • We do take before and after pictures throughout the organizing process. We like to do this so you can see the progress we are making and see the final transformation. Also, with your permission, we will post the before and after pictures on our website to help future clients see the potential in their own homes.

  • Drawer By Drawer follows our ethics rule. Any work we do together is kept in complete confidence; only with your signed permission will we post any before and after pictures on our website.

All in all, we want to make sure your experience with us is effective and exactly what you hoped for. We will guide you through the organizing process and teach you how to get organized and stay organized. However, the long-term success of this process is completely up to you and is completed at your pace. Most importantly, we want you to realize that getting organized can be a lot of fun and is a very rewarding experience.

We thank you for your compliance with Drawer By Drawer’s policies and procedures.


4.5   |  11-04-2020

Review by Nancy G. in Houston, TX

Angela is amazing! She is so delightful and such a joy. She organized my pantry and closets. I cannot tell you how terrific they 👀 look. I recommend her sooooo much!!!


4.5   |  11-04-2019

Review by Karen J. in Houston, TX

Angela is amazing. She has organized my master closet, master bathroom cabinets, guest bedroom closet and office closet in my house. “Small, but mighty” truly describes her. Her mind is always clicking on the next step, no hesitation. In addition to having the gift of how to organize, Angela will be a friend for life to me. She is quite a unique gal!!!

4.5   |  10-02-2017

Review by Anne M. in Houston, TX

Angela was so helpful with packing up my apartment! I was so overwhelmed and she came to the rescue!

5.0   |  06-30-2017

Review by Rain P. in Houston, TX

Friendly and courteous, excellent help at getting everything organized and clutter free. I would recommend this team to anyone needing help organizing any size project.

5.0   |  05-06-2017

Review by Ellen B. in Katy, TX

Kim and Amanda were efficient, compassionate and focused. It only took a little over three hours to clear, clean and organizer my garage. Well worth every penny! I've already scheduled another job with Kim and will have another one after that.

5.0   |  04-18-2017

Review by Marie C. in Houston, TX

Hired Drawer by Drawer to help my sister with her home organization. They were fantastic! Kim and Amanda worked non-stop from what I hear and got an amazing amount done. My sister was thrilled with the results and inspired to continue organizing their space. They worked with the family to come up with solutions that fit and were helpful with encouraging them to let go of items that others could use. Even though I was not in Houston Kim communicated with me to let me know the plan and progress. It was money well spent.

5.0   |  12-15-2016

Review by Laura R.

I have used the organizing services of Drawer by Drawer many times and over several years. If the project occurred as too big, Kim was able to break it down in the manageable smaller projects such that it was not overwhelming to me. Kim is very savvy and knowledgeable about how to organize and the steps required to get a job done efficiently and effectively. Do you have the same clutter and disorganization reappear after you have cleaned, de-cluttered and organized? In working with Kim and if you are open to it, she can most likely have conversations with you such that you will have openings into the possibilities as to why these areas of disorganization and/or clutter keep showing up in your life. So ask yourself, do you really want to get a handle on your disorganization and clutter? If yes, then you will need to have a commitment to that task. Don't hold it as a good or interesting idea. If you do, odds are high it won't happen. If you tell the truth to yourself, your commitments in your life are reflected in your calendar and/or checkbook. Get your calendar out, make a phone call to Drawer by Drawer and get organization and de-cluttering accomplished once and for all!

5.0   |  05-13-2010

Review by a homeowner in Missouri City, TX

Kim was awesome. She helped me get my sewing studio cleaned and organized. She hauled away all the stuff we got rid of. She was on time for both of our meetings and was excellent with communication. If you need to get organized, I highly recommend Kim. She worked hard, moving stuff around and carrying bag after bag of stuff downstairs. Hopefully, I won't have another decluttering project for a while, but if I do, I will certainly call her again.

5.0  |  1/2021

Review by a homeowner in Lisa S. Houston, TX

Thank you Angela for organizing the storage room in my garage.  You created more space than I ever dreamed possible.  I actually can see everything in there now and all of my containers coordinate-LOVE!!! You are so talented and great to work with.

5.0  |  1/2018 

Review by a homeowner in Jackie O. Houston, TX

Hello Everyone, I HAVE to give a review about Angela and her incredible talent as a home stager and organizer.  If I could give her a 10 I would as she more than deserves it.  I can tell you that there is NOBODY that is better in Houston than she is.  She can see how things need to be done, and how it will look when it is finished.  She works alone or with you if you prefer to be involved in the process.  I used her incredible talent to help organize a very small condo, and then when I moved out, I called her, first thing, to help me again in my new place.  I don't know how she does it, but I would not call or use anyone else but her,  Please call this extremely talented woman to help get your life in organized perfection, you will never regret it.