About Us

We are a compassionate Christian based company that believes in supporting our

community and giving back through volunteering in the inner cities where

resources are needed most. Any household or clothing donations are

given back to the homeless and less fortunate people in Houston.

Drawer by Drawer was established in 2007 while organizing personal
and professional spaces for more than 11 years. We are not just organizers, we are people who are passionate about transforming your clutter into spaces and places that create the perfect environments to relax, work, or entertain.

Angela Dispensa is a professional organizer based out of Houston, Texas and is the owner of Drawer By Drawer. She enjoys helping families and individuals all over the Houston area get organized, de-cluttered, and find peace and simplicity in their lives and homes. Angela has an eye for seeing through the clutter and realizing your home’s true potential. I

If you’re in need of an efficient organizing system for your home and life, Drawer By Drawer can provide you with a variety of useful solutions. Angela also knows how stressful it is to prepare for a move and to unpack for a move. She's willing to take that burden off of your shoulders with the services that she provides.

Through Drawer By Drawer’s knowledge, skills, and expertise, clients can have nearly every room of their home organized and put in order while learning the best ways to manage the items in their home—from everyday clutter, to important personal and business paperwork, storage areas, and much more. Angela is also great at time management and can help anyone gain control over both their own and their family’s busy schedules.

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You should call us because...

An organized life style is a well balanced life style.

Don't let  clutter steal your joy.

We offer free 15 minute consultation via phone. Sending pictures of your project will help.

We work with bins and supplies that you currently have, but also will recommend organizing supplies to purchase.

We also will do the shopping for you prior to start the job.

We have our own handy man as well.

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