4.5   |  08-23-2018

Review by Felecia N. in Sugar Land, TX

Angela was very helpful and making suggestions for organization and unpacking.

4.5   |  05-15-2018

Review by George A. in Houston, TX

Although I'm somewhat late in giving a review for this service, if I look at the positive side, that was more time to look back and compare - understand the true value of someone who CAN organize as opposed to someone who CAN'T (me), that's when you understand the true value of something or someone; Worth their weight in gold, but only if you can find someone of quality, like Kim and Company ..

4.5   |  10-02-2017

Review by Drew S. in Houston, TX

They went above and beyond to help me organize my garage so the kids can get their bikes and we can fit both cars!

5.0   |  06-30-2017

Review by Rain P. in Houston, TX

Friendly and courteous, excellent help at getting everything organized and clutter free. I would recommend this team to anyone needing help organizing any size project.

5.0   |  05-06-2017

Review by Ellen B. in Katy, TX

Kim and Amanda were efficient, compassionate and focused. It only took a little over three hours to clear, clean and organizer my garage. Well worth every penny! I've already scheduled another job with Kim and will have another one after that.

5.0   |  04-18-2017

Review by Marie C. in Houston, TX

Hired Drawer by Drawer to help my sister with her home organization. They were fantastic! Kim and Amanda worked non-stop from what I hear and got an amazing amount done. My sister was thrilled with the results and inspired to continue organizing their space. They worked with the family to come up with solutions that fit and were helpful with encouraging them to let go of items that others could use. Even though I was not in Houston Kim communicated with me to let me know the plan and progress. It was money well spent.

5.0   |  12-15-2016

Review by Laura R.

I have used the organizing services of Drawer by Drawer many times and over several years. If the project occurred as too big, Kim was able to break it down in the manageable smaller projects such that it was not overwhelming to me. Kim is very savvy and knowledgeable about how to organize and the steps required to get a job done efficiently and effectively. Do you have the same clutter and disorganization reappear after you have cleaned, de-cluttered and organized? In working with Kim and if you are open to it, she can most likely have conversations with you such that you will have openings into the possibilities as to why these areas of disorganization and/or clutter keep showing up in your life. So ask yourself, do you really want to get a handle on your disorganization and clutter? If yes, then you will need to have a commitment to that task. Don't hold it as a good or interesting idea. If you do, odds are high it won't happen. If you tell the truth to yourself, your commitments in your life are reflected in your calendar and/or checkbook. Get your calendar out, make a phone call to Drawer by Drawer and get organization and de-cluttering accomplished once and for all!

5.0   |  05-13-2010

Review by a homeowner in Missouri City, TX

Kim was awesome. She helped me get my sewing studio cleaned and organized. She hauled away all the stuff we got rid of. She was on time for both of our meetings and was excellent with communication. If you need to get organized, I highly recommend Kim. She worked hard, moving stuff around and carrying bag after bag of stuff downstairs. Hopefully, I won't have another decluttering project for a while, but if I do, I will certainly call her again.

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